employer branding

What is Employer Branding?

In today’s highly competitive and socially oriented job market, employer branding is more important than ever. To attract and retain today’s top candidates, HR leaders must have an authentic and compelling employment value proposition. This can only be achieved if the employment experience – the brand communicated externally – is aligned with the organization’s culture and strategic goals.

Employer Branding is:

  • A comprehensive recruiting strategy that positions the company in an attractive place at the top of mind for potential candidates.
  • A focused corporate message that speaks to current and potential employees that convey’s the client company culture and identity. It is a truthful and compelling message.
  • A long-term vision that encompasses the values, systems, policies and behaviors that define what employers expect of their employees and what employees expect of their employers.

Employer Branding is not:

  • An advertising campaign: Employer branding is more than just developing a catchy tagline.
  • A wish list of how the company would like to be perceived. If the client company doesn’t have programs in place, the message will not be credible.
  • A quick fix: It is tempting to create a quick ad campaign to generate a rush of new applicants, but you must also deliver on promises or else retention will become another challenge. Organizational culture must be nurtured over time.
Consultative Branding Strategy for Long-Term Goals MNJ Software offers a variety of a la carte employer branding services to complement your recruitment strategy ranging from simple graphic design support to full-scale career website development. Our consultative and measured approach to the development of your employer brand will is guaranteed to increase application rates, attract the right candidates and boost employee retention rates.

MNJ Software’s Branding Services are listed below. These services can be employed individually or packaged as part of your program.

  • The Employer Value Proposition (EVP): The EVP is a unique set of offerings and values that are associated with a company that positively influence candidates and employees. The EVP message reflects the company’s competitive advantage and answers the question “Why should I work here?” MNJ Software will work with your company to develop your EVP and design effective campaigns for communicating it to your target candidates and current employees.
  • The Career Site: According to research, 90% of candidates that reach a career site do not apply. To effectively communicate the employer brand, the site must be easy to navigate, offer a window into company culture and people that differentiates it from competitors, include engaging content that is updated regularly, highlight relevant career categories and job openings and deliver a positive user experience that lays the groundwork for long and successful employment.
  • Social Media Platforms and Campaigns: Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are important recruiting tools. Social recruiting takes time and commitment. In order to engage candidates, talent managers must develop highly tailored campaigns that are relevant to targeted candidates based on generation, experience and geographies, among other factors. Post examples include: announcing local events, company news, sharing career and employment advice, local job openings, articles on current trends.
  • Events and Job Fairs: Presence at job fairs, consistency of materials and effective local job fair advertising.
  • Recruitment Advertising: Local magazines, job boards and more all need to have united design and content concepts.
  • Employee Orientation Program: MNJ Software will recommend employee orientation program improvements and technology to support the process.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Candidates can receive a survey at the end of the interview process, regardless of hire. Employee satisfaction will be assessed at 30, 60 and 90 day check points. MNJ Software will make recommendations based on results.
  • Reports: Our robust reporting software measures turnover/retention rates, employee satisfaction surveys, brand awareness and attractiveness, web analytics, loyalty and engagement, application flow, overall cost per hire and more.