RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing Screen more candidates, save time, and save money. The recruitment process is time consuming, expensive, and requires expertise. Effective ads must be written and published on multiple job boards; applicants have to be properly screened; records need to be kept; and testing administered. All of which must be done when time is limited due to the increase in business or employee turnover that created the opening in the first place. MNJ Software RPO provides a strategic solution by acting as part of your company’s internal recruitment function, representing your company brand, and taking ownership of the initial stages of the recruitment process. How MNJ Software RPO works: MNJ Software RPO is a scalable and responsive solution that combines our recruitment expertise with leading-edge technology to enhance and streamline your recruitment process. Our service includes:
  • Creation of strategically written, client branded job advertisements
  • Placing job ads on 100+ local and national job boards and social sites
  • Client-branded career page attached to your company website
  • Mobile optimized application with custom qualifying questions
  • Centralized, web-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for collecting and digitizing applicant information and moving candidates through the hiring process
  • Applicant review within 1 business day of applying and phone screen to discuss qualifications and engage candidates in the position and company
  • Qualifying all applicants based on the minimum requirements for the position
  • Administering position-specific skills testing or personality/competency-based assessments (Optional)
  • Maintaining applicant records and assisting with legal compliance
MNJ Software’s RPO solution gives our clients access to a greater number and quality of candidates, leading to better hires and reduced turnover cost. Our buying power allows for lower job advertising rates. Further, our screening services allow our clients to spend their time interviewing qualified candidates who are interested in their position, instead of searching through, and responding to, large numbers of unqualified or uninterested applicants. If the right candidate does not apply – We can help! If the job advertisements do not generate the candidates required for our Clients to fill their job openings we are able to help with our Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, and Direct Placement recruiting services. Our tiered approach allows our Clients to pay for just the amount of service that they need. This allows them to save money while still giving them access to the best candidates.