workforce solutions

Recruitment & Ramp-up

  • National & Local Wage & Salary Reports Research
  • Resume Sourcing and Follow-up
  • Advertising for Openings via Job Boards
  • Pre-screen Telephone Interview Services
  • Job Descriptions Development
  • Full time In-house Recruiters
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Testing Services
  • Personality & Skills Based Assessment Testing

Flexible/Custom Operations

  • Hosting a robust technology platform that is adaptive for quick change requests and tailor-made solutions
  • Operating an implant-led engagement model for large centralized and custom processes
  • Assessing the performance of prospects before extending employment/contract


Managing a state-of-the-art web-based analytics dashboard that provides line-of-sight visibility on several critical and operational parameters of our engagement including:
  • Associate management (tenure profile, deployment, attrition, attendance)
  • Payroll and incentive details
  • Compliance and statutory information
  • Automated dashboards

Technology-Led Operations for Seamless Management

  • Managing robust operations processes right from recruitment, offer management, onboarding to induction and joining
  • Rolling out automated payroll systems with zero errors and ensuring transparency in pay structure and pay out
  • Ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile
  • Installing an IVR system for validating the onboarding of employee
  • Ensuring the swift migration and transition processes


In addition to human resource outsourcing, we take up the responsibility and accountability of functional deliverables that enable clients to increase touch points with end users in the market and to achieve Service Level Agreement (SLAs) with reduced management efforts, gain cost, and delivery efficiency. Some examples of SLA:
  • Associate attendance and Human Resource Management
  • Associate productivity management
  • Associate sales/leads management
  • End-to-end management of a particular business process
  • Training and skill development

Asset Deployment

  • Managing asset light operations in hybrid projects that include manpower and functional tools such as laptops, mobiles/tablets, technology platform, safety equipment, etc.
  • Being manpower ready with functional tools and infrastructure

Training & Development

  • Customized Curriculum for Professional & Personal Growth
  • On -Site Training (Online or Instructor-led)
  • Needs Analysis / Assessments
  • People Skills Training (ex: project management, communication, customer service, sales, management, time management, finance, HR & administration, safety, liability)
  • IT Basic (Microsoft Office, Internet, Adobe, Windows)