finance banking

Develop an integrated enterprise-wide risk and compliance strategy

Do your financial institution's risk management systems enable collection and analysis of enterprise-wide data to identify suspect trends and activities? Can you easily assemble the information you need to fulfil regulatory requirements? Develop an integrated enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy that can help reduce costs, protect customers and shareholders, improve decision making and enhance overall efficiency.

Meet Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, U.S. Patriot Act and other regulations with a mix of cohesive applications. MNJ Software offers solutions to help your financial institution develop a view of how data will be gathered, enhanced, stored, calculated and reported in a controlled and standardised manner across business lines. Improve your financial institution's resilience and go beyond meeting regulatory compliance mandates. Our solutions can help you sense and respond to changes and threats intuitively. They can help you detect and prevent money laundering, fraud and identity theft.

MNJ Software risk management and compliance solutions are designed to optimise shareholder value by:

  • Maintaining rating and reputation.
  • Lowering cost of capital.
  • Reducing burden and cost of compliance.
  • Improving decision-making and pricing.
  • Enhancing overall efficiency.