bank payment

Streamline payments across the operational environment.

Differentiate your bank by offering unique services, enabling automated intelligent routing of payments and dynamically controlling the flow of payments. Reengineer your systems to decrease costs and maximise your investments. Reduce redundancies, to provide a single contact point for payables and receivables, and to improve process management.

MNJ Software can help you assess your current systems and capabilities, create a strategy to support more efficient payments processes and then integrate Web-enabled solutions with existing systems. Our integrated, fraud-resistant solutions feed payment instructions into established clearance and settlement systems. Our solutions focus on three primary areas: check, card and wholesale payments.

The MNJ integrated suite of front-office offerings can help drive revenue, reduce costs and personalize the banking experience. We can Check to help banks prepare for government regulations on returning hard copies of checks, MNJ has designed a solution that helps reduce unit costs by streamlining processes with state-of-the-art technology and a proven infrastructure. MNJ Check offerings include high-speed capture and proof solutions for the initial capture of checks. They can help cut labour costs and fraud, mitigate conversion risks, and leverage existing investments.


Drive costs down. Expand internationally. Replace aging, costly systems. Keep ahead of card fraud. Meet regulatory requirements. MNJ offers Card solutions that are tactical, strategic or regulatory in nature, relating to credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and ATM cards. Our solutions can help your bank select components that best match your unique requirements, identifying revenue opportunities while meeting regulatory requirements and eliminating fraud.

Wholesale payments

React to regulatory and market infrastructure changes, new customer demands and the intricacies of liquidity management. The MNJ Wholesale Payments offering facilitates working capital management services for corporate customers, including payments processing for corporate and financial institutions customers, bulk payments (ACH), cross-border SWIFT payments, and cash management and treasury services.