Become an on demand bank

Operate in today's business environment and respond to greater demands from customers and regulators. Is your bank looking for absolute real-time processing and advanced risk management to provide complex, highly interdependent products and services? The key is to shift from individual infrastructures, which support the interoperation of each application and channel, towards a common infrastructure, which supports interoperation for banking applications and channels. This enables product-based applications to participate in customer-centric processes.

Leverage MNJ on demand models to deliver complex, highly interdependent customer-centric products while effectively managing internal and regulatory risk. MNJ core systems transformation solutions can refresh or replace individual modules or the entire core banking system. MNJ can provide the expertise and assets to integrate and transform your systems, whether for individual application or across your existing legacy systems.

Become more responsive to customer and industry demands. Reduce IT maintenance costs. Align the needs of customers with your business strategy.

Our solutions can help:

  • Ensure cost-efficient operation of basic banking products that depend on the flawless generation of critical data from different areas of an institution.
  • Promote stability in legal compliance and internal control.
  • Sense and dynamically respond to internal or external changes so you can develop and deliver targeted products and services quickly.