site review service optimisati on ppc

In order for a maximum return on investment to be gained from an optimisation or PPC campaign, your web site has to be well-constructed with content, navigation and other factors combining to produce the maximum number of desired sales or enquiries. Very often we have seen that this is not the case and many companies assume that PPC or optimisation doesn’t work for them when in reality it is due to shortcomings with their site.


We are able to offer an impartial, unbiased view of your site from an optimisation and PPC perspective. For a fixed fee we will:
  • Review your existing site construction
  • Review your existing site content taking into account the target audience
  • Review other factors such as navigation, layout, and overall site quality
  • Provide you with a detailed report that you (or your web developers) can use to prepare your site thus allowing you to maximise your return from any PPC or optimisation campaigns you subsequently undertake
  • Provide a follow-up review of the site once our recommended changes have been implemented.

The fee for this service is £600 excl. VAT. Your return on investment for this service can be simply calculated using a PPC campaign example. Assuming a monthly PPC budget of £400 and 50% (i.e. £200) of click throughs are wasted and generate no enquiries due to underperformance factors, your investment in this service will be fully realised within three months, although in reality a greater number of successful clicks will result in a greater number of enquiries and sales and as a result the return will likely be much shorter than this.