Ongoing PayPerClick Mgmt

You set a monthly PPC spend limit to ensure that your marketing budget is not exceeded and then tell us the phrases you would like to be found for. As costs per click vary and are subject to a number of different factors this is where our ongoing PPC management service then comes in – to get you the highest number of well-targeted visitors for your budget.

Our service includes:

  • Initial identification of the most suitable phrases for your business, based upon your initial set of keywords and phrases given to us
  • Ongoing management to identify the most successful advertising texts and so generate the maximum number of click-throughs from them
  • Ongoing management to reduce the cost-per-click as much as possible whilst at the same time aiming to increase overall visitor numbers
  • Ongoing management to identify new phrases and remove obsolete phrases, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the monthly budget.

Continuous management of pay-per-click listings are required as if the competition for a phrase changes it can mean that you pay too much for a phrase or even too little (which demotes your advertisement's position). Further factors can mean that without professional management your listings could perform so badly that they are automatically disqualified and disabled.


Our PPC management service costs just 10% of your monthly PPC spend budget or £75 per month, whichever is the greater. For example, if your PPC budget is £400 our fee will be £75 whereas if your budget is £1000 our fee will be £100.


We also charge a one-off setup fee of £500 for either Google or YSM, or £800 if undertaking a campaign on both. The setup fee covers the initial Google and YSM setup charges, our detailed keyword research and the setup of the campaigns with Google and YSM.


Fees for this service are paid monthly in advance with click budgets for Google and YSM being paid directly to them using your credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, an alternative payment can be used for a small administrative fee.