tagline development

Taglines, or slogans, can have as much recognition as the brands they accompany: "It's the Real Thing," "Just Do It," and "The Breakfast of Champions" are taglines that have helped keep their brands top-of-mind for years—even decades.

MNJ's creative team loves developing taglines because, as one of our founders is fond of saying, "We get to work with six words instead of six letters!" But developing taglines and slogans can be a challenge. They often accompany established company or product names. And more words means more hairpin turns and sheer cliffs on both the linguistic and legal highways. Which is why clients rely on MNJ's unique approach and inspired creativity when developing winning taglines.

The process we use to create taglines and slogans is similar to the process we use to create names: a briefing to set messaging, tonality, statement construct