interactive designing


Why be static when you can be interactive?


Interactive media made its way onto the Internet nearly 10 years ago, but for the most part the flashing logos, blinking icons, moving pictures and long intros were more of an annoyance than an enhancement.


Not anymore.

MNJ Software crafts interactive media that anticipates your audience’s attention span and generates interest through stunning visual design and presentation.


For example, instead of showing text in linear format…we can fade compelling phrases and information in a timed sequence, so the page never looks “text heavy” and each word gets a chance to capture a prospect’s interest. Furthermore, content can be reinforced with imagery and video to further support the message.


Flash is the most popular web-based interactive animation tool available today.

The Flash player comes bundled with most browsers to date…and allows virtually anyone to view any Flash animation or media produced for the web. Movies and entire presentations can be crafted in Flash and published as an easy-to-use web media delivering a feature-rich, dynamic user experience.


Flash should be used to capture a prospect’s attention while driving home a direct benefit of a product or service. This type of development needs to be done with a staff of marketing experts, programmers and designers. (Just knowing how to use the product alone usually translates into ineffective presentations.)


Here is a short list of how to benefit from the power of Flash:
  • Conversion Of Bulky PowerPoint Presentations
  • Animated Logos & Headers
  • Animated Images & Overlaying Content
  • Speeches & Conferences
  • Custom Graphic Interfaces
  • Special Effects
  • Custom Portfolios
  • Custom Staff & Team Interface
  • Database Interface
  • Demos & Shopping Carts
  • Sound Effects