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Who Can Register a Lead in This Program?

Members of the MNJ Referral program are eligible to register leads in this program. If you haven't already joined the MNJ Referral program, you're delaying the opportunity for a new revenue stream that requires minimal effort on your part. Apply now to become a member and open new doors for your company today!


Identifying Opportunities

Any time an MNJ Referral program member is in contact with a small business or midsize company, there may be an opportunity to refer this company to MNJ. Potential prospects could include companies that:

  • Express the need for a new software solution to replace their current applications
  • Have not yet implemented business software
  • Are aware that their current solution does not meet their needs
  • Have merged and need a unified business software system

An important step is to qualify the interest level of the prospect, including a description of the software needed, estimated budget, estimated timeline for implementation, and competitive landscape. After discussions and information gathering with the prospect, the referral member can complete the lead registration form (PDF) and e-mail it to or fill the required information online Lead Registration Form

Eligible Opportunities

Leads must be for companies/individuals that are:

  • Net new opportunities to MNJ
  • In a referral eligible industry; not a government or public sector entity
  • Interested in a referral eligible solution (PDF, 50 KB)

Program terms and payments are governed by the MNJ Referral program guide and agreement.

Validating and Accepting a Lead

Submitted leads will be reviewed by MNJ for completeness and program eligibility. MNJ will communicate back to the member an initial status of rejected or accepted.

Routing and Tracking

If accepted for further processing, MNJ will route the submitted lead to the appropriate sales channel. Routing is at the sole discretion of MNJ. Members will be informed via e-mail when the status of the lead changes to "lost" or "won and closed." "Won and closed" deals are eligible for the closing reward equal to 5%-10% of the resulting net MNJ software license sale or service served, per referral.


If you have any questions, please e-mail us at