referral program overview

Who Can Join?

To extend MNJ's reach into the market, the MNJ Referral program rewards members that refer new opportunities to MNJ. The program is an important driver to help MNJ reach our goal. Within the program, MNJ seeks to recruit members with key disciplines that play important roles as influencers and trusted advisors for our client markets. One of the key objectives of the MNJ Referral program is to leverage the MNJ ecosystem to increase market coverage and reward members accordingly for adding value to this ecosystem.

Members of the MNJ Referral program can be companies or individual that support small businesses and midsize companies, including solution providers, business or IT consultants, hardware resellers, accountancy firms, and financial institutions. Already-assigned MNJ partners in any category, as well as those not currently in a partnership with MNJ, may apply for membership if they meet the following criteria:

  • Company must be registered.
  • Company must have a valid mailing address
  • E-mail addresses used for the program must be valid company e-mail addresses
  • Company must not be a government or public sector entity
  • Primary occupation must not be a commercial agent
Register Your Company Now

Start by identifying the Authorized Decision Maker (ADM) for your company. The ADM must be authorized to:

  • Agree to and accept the MNJ Referral program terms and conditions on behalf of your company
  • Register other company colleagues into the MNJ Referral program
  • Approve lead opportunities from your company for submission to MNJ
  • Act as key contact to MNJ for the MNJ Referral program

The ADM completes and submits the online registration form which includes the provision of company and contact information, and acknowledgment and acceptance of the MNJ Referral program terms and conditions and the role of ADM. Submitted registrations are automatically forwarded to the MNJ Referral program manager who reviews and verifies the prospective member application. Upon acceptance, MNJ will send an e-mail notification to the ADM. In cases where the prospective member profile does not meet the requirements for membership in the MNJ Referral program, MNJ will send an e-mail notification to the ADM advising of such.


If you haven't already joined the MNJ Referral program, you're delaying the opportunity for a new revenue stream that requires minimal effort on your part. Apply to become a member and open new doors for your company today!


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