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WebSMSSuite is an enterprise class SMS suite to process and send SMS in a complex database environment to fulfil any customer need related to SMS transactions in an automated or a manual mode. Enterprise Edition offers enterprise wide user licenses with ability to manage users and SMS credit. Professional Edition is a single user license product. WebSMSSuite provides a highly reliable messaging platform to the enterprise segment.


Ease of Use
  • Familiar Environment: Reduce learning curve by using its familiar email client type look and feel
  • Easy Functionality: Create, edit, send, forward, export or delete SMS messages
  • Help Support: Comprehensive documentation and technical support. Explore context-sensitive help for assistance
  • Branding: Use “Sender Branding” to display sender of message as any alphanumeric brand or number of choice
  • Message store of Choice: User can select/create/update data store of choice for storing incoming/outgoing messages
  • Business Rules Engine: Business Rules Engine is a plug-in utility for automating WebSMSSuite. It of fers a fully customisable interface where you can define application logic and database structures.
  • Rules engine: seamlessly integrates Velocity with existing back office applications and databases to effectively automate existing business process
  • API Support: Use APIs to rapidly develop & deploy customized applications
  • Server Access: Comprehensive MIS, Administrative Console (Manage multiple users and credits allocation)
  • Dictionary: Translate from and to “Short Word” format – using inbuilt customisable dictionary Scheduler Offers fully automated scheduling of multiple messaging tasks
  • Importing/Exporting Messages: Messages can be imported from a number of data sources and vice-versa. Benefits are easy integration and maximum utilization of existing data sources
  • Connectivity: Connect via HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxy
  • Multiple Data Source Support: Utilise existing contact stores or any ODBC data source
  • Plugins: Fully customisable plug-in utility that can integrate and implement any business logic
  • Cost Effective: WebSMSSuite uses IP connectivity to reduce costs and dependence on any    specific mobile network
  • Framework: High bandwidth connectivity with leading mobile operators’ SMS gateway ensures   instant and reliable delivery 
  • Manage High Volumes: Effectively manages SMS transmission in large volume using Phonebook  group entries feature 
  • Minimal Operating Requirements: WebSMSSuite utilises proprietary multithreading technology  to provide eff icient transmission of large volume of data, even on lowend desktop terminals  with slow internet connectivity