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SMSSuite provides fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication.

SMSSuite a desktop application for sending SMS and managing contacts. SMSSuite is designed to deliver SMS in a fast and efficient manner from a Personal Computer. This product is ideally suited for the messaging needs of the SME and SOHO segment.

It has full range of features and characteristic, and most importantly, it's easy to use, which make itself the best Bulk SMS Software to enhance your customer relationship management, operational and promotional activities effectively.

SMSSuite is a powerful Bulk SMS Sending Software that does not require Internet Connection. This application provides the capabilities to communicate with various mobile phones ( GSM & CDMA ) to send multiple messages at a time anywhere. This is simply possible by connecting mobile phones to software through Serial Port, Infrared or Bluetooth.

SMSSuite provides you many features that can be useful to enhance your business or organization; you can create your group or owners, you can manage your folders. It support large database for messaging & contacts, also you can Import/Export data list from your PC to mobile or vice-versa. You can send more than 160 characters SMS at a time to single or multiple owners using inbuilt templates available for messaging. Dial or answer a voice call is one of the important features of this Bulk sms Software.

This Bulk SMS Software also provides 2-way communication or Pull SMS facility. It supports both regular text message and flash messages. It also provides scheduling of bulk SMS. It provides connectivity with other Database like Microsoft Access, SQL Server etc .This Bulk SMS software can read different device parameters, such as SMSC number, Time and battery level, Network name, and Signal quality.


Ease of Use
  • Familiar Environment: Reduce learning curve by using its familiar email client type look and feel
  • Easy Functionality: Create, edit, send, forward, export or delete SMS messages
  • Help Support: Comprehensive documentation and technical support. Explore context-sensitive   help for assistance
  • Dictionary: Translate from and to “Short Word” format – using in-built customisable dictionary
  • Branding: Use “Sender Branding” to display sender of message as any alphanumeric brand or number of choice
  • Multiple Recharge Options: Recharge through Mobile, Web and Client Application
  • Bigger Payload: Send messages of over 160 characters 
  • Signatures: Create fully user customisable signatures 
  • Notifications: Receive instant delivery not i f ication
  • Message Broadcast: Carry out SMS Broadcast
  • Connectivity: Connect via HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxy
  • Multiple Data Source Support: Utilise existing contact stores or any ODBC compliant data source
  • Full Feature Contact Management: Import contacts from multiple sources including Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express or any ODBC compliant data source
  • Importing/Exporting Messages: Messages can be imported from a number of data sources and vice-versa. Benefits are easy integration and maximum utilisation of existing data sources
  • Cost Effective: ValueFirst Speed uses IP connectivity to reduce costs and dependence on any specific mobile network
  • Framework: High bandwidth connectivity with leading mobile operators’ SMS gateway ensures instant and reliable delivery
  • Minimal Operating Requirements: ValueFirst Speed utilises proprietary multithreading technology to provide eff icient transmission of large volume of data, even on lowend desktop terminals with slow internet connectivity

Technical Specifications


Fully multithreaded architecture

UCP, XML and PHP support

TCP/IP based transmission

Full ODBC support

Minimum system requirements

HTTP and SOCKS proxy

Message import and export

Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook® Express®, Netscape® Communicator, and Lotus Notes® integration

Built-in address book for easy contact management

SMSSuite: A Bulk SMS Software Solution
  • It’s a source to build up a brand.
  • It’s a trend to establish yourself in market.
  • Simple method of reaching millions.
  • Reaches directly to recipients.
  • Provides effective communication at reasonable cost.
  • The message remains with the consumer so that it is effective.
  • Target people of a certain geographical area.
  • Response rate can be easily tracked.
Best Suited For:

As it is interacting with Hardware can send up to 100SMS per minute. Individuals, Supermarkets, Distributors / Dealers, HR-Consultancies, Coaching Classes, Insurance agents, Clubs, Travel agencies, Hotel / Restaurants, Corporate / Managers etc.