multi seat standalone license


The multi-seat stand-alone license enables the purchaser to install, register, and activate an MNJ Software® product on several workstations using a single serial number. This type of license may only be available in Europe and Asia to subscription users. The mulitseat stand-alone license simplifies license management for sites that do not want to maintain a network license server. Just one serial number is required to install and activate multiple workstations.


Each seat of the multi-seat stand-alone license may be installed and activated on one additional workstation for each user, such as a home or remote workstation, provided that the user’s two workstations are not used concurrently, are used exclusively by the same person, and are owned or under the control of the license holder.

After purchasing an MNJ Software product, you can install and use your product for a specified time before registering and activating it. After the grace period expires, your product stops working until you register and activate it. Activate your license at any time during or after the grace period expires.

Registration and Activation

Deploy your multi-seat-licensed MNJ Software product on a central server by using the Deployment wizard and selecting the multi-seat option. During this process, you enter your registration information and the serial number provided to you. Next, install the product on individual workstations from the server. Every seat in the multi-seat license shares the registration information entered in the Network Deployment wizard, saving time and eliminating data-entry errors during subsequent activations. If the workstation is connected to the Internet, the software automatically retrieves an activation code for each workstation when the product is started for the first time.


For those who want to activate their product by fax, email, or telephone, simply start the registration process on each workstation to obtain a request code. Contact MNJ Software with the request code and a valid activation code will be issued. Note that each installed workstation generates its own unique request code, and the corresponding unique activation code issued by MNJ Software cannot be used on any other workstation.


Installation and Deployment


The multi-seat license means there’s only one serial number, one CD, and one manual to keep track of. The Deployment wizard simplifies deployment by creating a server image that users can access to install the software on their workstation. The software activates automatically when it’s started for the first time if an Internet connection is available. Users must enter an activation code manually if no Internet connection is available or when activating by email, fax, or mail. Although it’s possible to install each workstation individually from the CD, it’s not recommended as any discrepancy in the information entered by users after the initial installation and registration has been completed will cause subsequent registrations to fail.