individual stand alone license

An individual stand-alone license entitles the purchaser to run an MNJ Software® product on a single workstation. It’s an ideal solution for individuals and small workgroups because it doesn’t require centralized license management.


Your MNJ Software product may be installed and activated on one additional workstation, such as a home or remote workstation, provided that the workstations are not used concurrently, are used exclusively by the same person, and are owned or under the control of the license holder.


After purchasing an MNJ Software product, you can install and use the product for a specified time before registering and activating it. After the grace period expires, your product stops working until you register and activate it. Activate your license at any time during the grace period or after it expires. If you have several stand-alone licenses for products running on separate workstations, keep track of which serial number has been used on each computer to ensure smooth upgrades.


Registration and Activation

When you install your unlicensed MNJ Software product, you are prompted to enter your serial number. When you start your product for the first time, you are prompted to enter registration information. The registration process automatically generates a request code. To receive an activation code, you can transmit the request code to MNJ Software over an Internet connection or contact MNJ Software by email, fax, or mail. Once the activation code has been entered, the product is fully licensed.