vendor on premise

Vendor On Premise (VOP) and Managed Services

Dedicated on-site teams with a single point of contact. Manage all on-site human resource functions of your facility’s contingent workforce, allowing you to focus on strategic business goals.


The ability to manage a diverse set of continually changing contingent labor resources is critical to the responsive efficiency of any organization. Often a more robust VOP or Managed Services approach is required to meet the evolving dynamics of your contingent workforce.

MNJ VOP Benefits

  • Lower and control labor and HR costs
  • Reduce off site downtime
  • Scale workforces up/down as required
  • Shorten time-to-fill positions
  • Reduce turnover rate
  • Streamline initial order entry and tracking
  • Curb excess spending and waste
  • Standardize work practices
  • Improve process efficiencies

Managed Services

MNJ Software’s Managed Services program streamlines fiscal costs and improves contingent workforce management and performance.

  • Multiple short-term projects and respective contract/contingent labor resources
  • Augmented logistical management, oversight and compliance (travel expenses and admin)
  • More complex training and HR administration