support policies

Support on Older Software

Technical Support is generally provided for the latest two software versions. Support is continued for a minimum of one year after either the introduction of a new major version for a product or a notification of the End of Life for a product line. End of life notices for both versions and product lines are posted on the support web site. Duplication of product defects will be attempted for the current and just previous software versions, although defects are generally fixed only on current versions.

For older versions of MNJ Software, limited technical assistance will be provided, so long as you have a current support contract for that product, subject to the availability of trained personnel and resources. Limited assistance consists of helping customers with questions, workarounds and migration to a supported version of the product. It does not include new bug fixes or integration of any bug fixes into previous updates. MNJ Software will provide existing interim versions (i.e.; updates, if any, developed for the product prior to the end of engineering support) as appropriate. MNJ Software will not purposely maintain staff, expertise or equipment and reproduction environments on older versions of products, and therefore, over time, the ability to provide assistance will become further limited as expertise on these older versions erodes.

Customers wishing to purchase an EOL product version, or additional copies of an EOL product version, must sign an EOL addendum acknowledging the limited technical assistance to be provided.

Support for product lines or platforms that have reached their EOL is not available past the one-year end-of-support date set when the EOL is announced (e.g. Data Workbench, PowerBuilder Web Deployment Kit).

You can generate a list of End of Life Notifications by searching our Technical Documents Library. Simply search the title for "End of Life" and this will generate a list of notifications that you can then filter to find exactly the information you need.

Free Installation Support

We offer free installation assistance to registered customers. MNJ Software provides a complimentary two-case technical support pack to assist you with installation and configuration questions. This case pack is valid for 60 days after your initial call. Additional free installation and configuration information is available through querying the Technical Documents, reviewing online product documentation, and posting questions to other users about specific issues through newsgroups.

Global Support

Global support provides a single support contract and billing for multi-country installations, with support contacts designated for each country. For worldwide installations, a consolidated or global support contract may be obtained. For those companies with multiple international locations, a separate support agreement for each country is required if global contacts are not purchased.

Renewing Your Support Agreement

To receive services included in the support plans, you must have an active software support agreement. Be sure to renew promptly to avoid delays when you require support. If you have questions about your contract, want to change support plans, or want to find out renewal dates, call the telephone number of the location nearest you or mail us.

Cooperative Support Agreements

We have established cooperative support agreements with many vendors to provide seamless support processes to customers with multivendor products. These agreements provide designated contacts at the vendor for MNJ Software, Inc. support engineers. These contacts will expedite your problem or raise its priority within their support organization. You must have a valid support contract with all vendors involved to take advantage of this feature.