software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a new delivery method shaking up a very complacent industry. Despite the rapid growth of the SaaS market, many people have difficulty coming to grips with how this model can be applied to achieve a more cost effective and efficient alternative for their business. The concept is simple and attractive - rather than committing to a sizeable capital outlay for a software application that is installed on a local network environment, like a CRM or accounting package for instance, you pay a small licensing fee for a similar web based solution hosted on a managed service.

How can software as a service help your business? To put it quite simply, SaaS is the model of the future! Rapid improvements in broadband infrastructure has seen SaaS evolve from a pipe dream of the later 90's to a commercially viable solution for just about every type of business. When you weigh up all the benefits, it becomes quite clear that SaaS is a business model worth considering:

  • Increased reliability through a managed hosting environment reduces the possibility of local server issues
  • Reduced overheads as a result of simpler  IT environment
  • The ‘pay per seat’ pricing model provides a more affordable and scalable option
  • Monthly or annual licensing fees can be expensed directly
  • Regular updates deployed on the managed server ensure you are always running the latest version of your business application

If you are looking to adopt the SaaS model for a particular business application, we would welcome the opportunity to meet and share our ideas. If you have already prepared a briefing document, we would be more than happy to submit an indicative costing for your review.