online blling systems

We have redefined the way Customers issue invoices and pay bills by combining all the tedious offline processes in a centralised web system. The scalable architecture of our web software, allows us to tailor the underlying functionality in accordance with your individual requirements.

The explosive growth of broadband Internet has resulted in a dramatic shift to web based technology. Once confined to the realm of the boffins, the Internet has quickly infiltrated mainstream Australia by offering a convenient alternative to just about every aspect of everyday life. Whether it be reading the paper on SMH or paying a bill through Internet banking, more and more Customers are starting to take advantage of the web. Our online billing system provides your Customers with the option of paying their bills online. It also gives them access to a suite of helpful resources that make account management easy. From an operational standpoint, our online billing system free up your resources and reduces your accounts receivable by introducing a whole range of new features:

  • Managed and accessed through a browser based web portal
  • Integrate directly with third party accounting packages
  • Flexible payment options including, credit cards, cheque, account, bpay and PayPal
  • Data security with automated replication and regular back ups
  • Advanced reporting tools to provide a snapshot of performance