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MNJ delivers amazing Label & Package design graphics for retail packaging,  kitting, packing and shipping logistics and determine appropriate look and feel, audience-appropriate style, which would take charge of all of your  label / package design project for your product launch.

MNJ's packaging and package designers  offer you retail package and display design ideas that will grab the shopper's attention and motivate the customer to buy your product.

We offer consultany on label design & package creatives for on-time delivery and consistent high quality in label and packaging design.

We offer custom designs for the following:
  • Product Package Design
  • Food Labels Design
  • Bottle Labels Design
  • Wine Labels
  • Juice Labels
  • Drink Labels
  • Shipping Logistics Design
  • Boxes and Cartons design
  • Product Labels Design
  • Perfume Labels Design
  • Bottle Cases Designing