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We have harnessed our experience with web technology to produce a single system capable of managing your website intranet, extranet and client portal. Our package enables both staff and Customers to communicate and collaborate through a web-enabled system that is accessible over the Internet. By creating a centralised repository for all corporate files and documentation, you are able to improve the efficiency of your organisation by facilitating information on demand!

Most businesses owners are too consumed with the everyday running of their business to realise just how much time is senselessly wasted with internal administration. A good intranet is like is like upgrading from dial up to ADSL. You only appreciate the true benefits once you have made the change! By introducing an intuitive system that simplifies routine daily task, you are assured that your staff will embrace the upgrade a as much welcomed change.

By reducing administration bottlenecks you are able free up internal resources for the more important income generating activities. Avoid inconsistent quotes or outdated proposals by creating a structured and controlled environment that sets a level of standardisation and consistency.

Intranets and extranets are not just tools for the big guys. They are valuable tool for all businesses looking to promote employee collaboration and information sharing. By deploying our feature packed Intranet package you gain immediate access to a full suite of powerful tools that will improve just about every aspect of your business.