Tour Reservation Order Processing Application

The Vision: Client has a client/server based order processing product that is currently used by more than 2500 medium and large size travel agencies in Europe. The product supports multi-lingual interface and provides ability to handle reservations from multiple branch offices of travel agencies.

The product has in-built CRM features, reservation import/export and integration with multiple tour operators, operations related modules like dossier management for reservations, itineraries, invoices, payments, general accounting and book keeping, Master Data Management, and strategic modules like Management Information Systems and Reporting.

Client wanted to develop a web based application having same functionalities as client server product to extend the market reach by reducing the total cost of ownership and reduce IT infrastructure requirement at customer end. The client/server product needs to be replaced by a web application whereby travel agencies can access the system through web interface via Internet, while entire order processing logic and integration with tour operators infrastructure resides on server side.

Business Model: T&M (Time & Material) Model

Web version has helped to increase the customer-base two folds from current 2500 travel agencies to 5000 travel agencies within 2 years; architecture of the system needs to be refined selectively to support this anticipated increase in load. Integration with about 6 more tour operators is planned to be done in phase 2 of the project.

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