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Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 - What You Need to Know to Remain at the Cutting Edge Since 2004, publications and Web sites have talked up “Web 2.0” and “Web 3.0” to represent the latest and greatest advances in the Internet. Certainly, usability has come a long way since the dot-com bubble burst in 2001. But are there true unifying and meaningful themes that we can point to or is this pretense at “versioning” of the World Wide Web just so much marketing hype? Read Morepdf
Open Source ERP - A cost Effective Approach Open source community has developed an ERP package under GPL to benefit medium size Businesses that don't need expensive ERP packages like SAP, JD Edwards and the like. There are many benefits of implementing open source ERP packages like Compiere... Read Morepdf
Open Source ERP vs. Commercial ERP Enterprise Resource Planning is powerful business software, as it integrates all departments in single software. This software caters need of all different departments who have their own particular needs. ERP are available as commercial ERP and open source ERP...Read Morepdf
My Developer is the best tester - Is this true? Many of small to medium software development and consulting companies struggle between allocating resources between software development and testing... Read Morepdf
A Comparison of LAMP and .Net Web Technologies along with Supporting Databases This article describes a study of web technologies 2.0 and PHP 5, along with the supporting databases SQL server 2005 and mySql. In this article, we have compared the web application development platforms based on some crucial parameters. Our comparison does not quantify or claim superior nature of one platform over the other. We understand that the selection of the technology depends on various factors, and specific business goals... Read Morepdf