This module handles all the processes involved in the daily transactions that occur in a Ward. These transactions involve Test-requisitions placed for the patient, medicines consumed by the patient, any other consumables consumed by the patient, Bedside procedures performed, Medical Equipment connected to the patient and recording of all the visits by the doctor. The details regarding all this transactions are stored in the server and are later used by the billing software at the time of bill-generation.

This module deals with an integrated solution for all the nursing stations in the wards, surgical intensive care unit, medical care unit and daycares. The module takes care of nursing procedures, clinical procedures, in-patient service allocation, pharmacy order, and lab & blood bank services. Nursing procedures allotted by doctors to specific patients can be viewed and rendered using this module.

The module helps nursing or Ward staffs and facilitates them to manage their wards on a floor. This module offers hospitals with the ability to effectively monitor bed availability, hence decreasing patient wait time. It ensures that the facility for nurses to administer and support better patient care.

Salient Features Include:

  • Patient search & select
  • Patient health status monitoring
  • Material requisition for patient’s medical consumable needs to central stores
  • Roster management
  • Bed transfer
  • Categorize ward rooms
  • Assign patient to ward room / beds
  • Check beds availability
  • Maintain patient discharge information
  • Track patients information when shifted from one ward to another ward
  • Maintain wards rooms information and status


  • Helps to check Ward / room / bed status and availability
  • Checks patients occupancy status
  • Helps to easily search a patient allotted in a ward room and bed
  • This application is fully scalable and can be customized as per hospitals requirements