contract management

HMS Contract Management provides capabilities to assist in calculating complex expected payments, reconciling expected payments to actual payments and effectively communicating variances to an insurance carrier.


Features & Benefits
The HMS Contract Management Solution is a way to track detailed contracts on an account to account basis for reimbursements per insurance provider. This solution will help account for every dollar owed by insurance companies to the hospital.


Key features

  • Automated tools: Using the automated system, a reimbursement specialist can take existing contract stipulations and create "what if" scenarios for future contract negotiations. These "what if" scenarios can be applied to past contract utilization, so that any contract change's impact on the facility can be analyzed.
  • Unique contracts: Contracts can be set up on an individual basis, which will determine reimbursement calculation. Reporting also is available to help the user determine if they are being paid correctly.
  • Negotiation assistance: The solution's ability to create unlimited scenarios can help in payer negotiations. When agreed upon by all parties, these scenarios can move directly into production.