The purchase module allows placing of orders with the vendors, acknowledge the receipt of the material and enables all purchase related functions.

This module manages complete purchase cycle of organization. This module brings excellent automation and work flow management in complete purchase process where right from purchase requisition to inquiry, comparative statement and purchase order are interlinked.

This module deals with the purchase of items required in hospital, issue of those items into various departments, maintenance of stock and setting up the minimum stock / reorder level for each stock. This module includes:-

  • Provision to raise purchase request for any item.
  • Assigned authority approves or declines the purchase
  • Purchase order generation and processing.
  • Allocation of purchased items to the requested departments.
  • Provision to transfer stock from one department to another.
  • Vendor management and payments.
  • Stock requisition from departments.
  • Stock expiry.
  • Stock management.
  • Reorder level setting.

This module is to keep complete record of items, purchase orders, vendor payments, item consumption, stock availability, sales report, and other assets.