operative theatre

The OT module maintains record of the Operations undergone by the patient. It maintains the name of the surgeon / consultant performing the operation, details of anesthesia, actual consumables, equipment used and any exclusive products ordered for the patient.

This module has the ability to manage Operating Theatres from scheduling of operations to tracking of consumables or drugs used in the operation. It has the facility to interface with patient billing to capture all services rendered to a patient as well as materials or consumables used. It also has the facility to order the necessary equipment, in advance, depending on the type of operation.

Surgery Management

HMS Surgery Management, an extension of HMS Patient Scheduling, is a means of documenting surgical procedures. It tracks and monitors a patient from the initial phone call to the pre-op appointment and through surgery, discharge and follow-up appointments.


Features & Benefits
The HMS Surgery Management solution enables the surgery department to facilitate such tasks as room/suite scheduling, preference template maintenance, supply pick lists, post-care in PACU, post-care surgical data and surgical logs. It also enables the retrieval of surgical procedure and statistical information and allows charging.


Key features

  • Integrated with Patient Accounting/Materials/Scheduling: Data flows back and forth between applications.
  • Decrement Inventory: Avoids unnecessary duplication of keying items
  • Automated charge capture: Automated process eliminates manual charge entry and minimizes error
  • Basic Documentation: For reporting purposes