testing and qa
MNJ Software offers systems & resources for QA & testing to keep pace with or enhance your internal processes & systems.

Using its Quality Assurance approach, MNJ Software has successfully serviced companies with stringent compliance requirements for FDA- & FAA- mandated verification and validation. MNJ Software has implemented a planned & systematic approach to the adherence to software product standards, processes & procedures & to the evaluation of quality. We have defined internal standards for documentation, design & code. Procedures have been defined for activities such as configuration management, nonconformance reporting & corrective action, testing, code walkthroughs & formal project inspections. In addition, a system of audits has been instituted for process monitoring.

Our testing services help you deliver business solutions and technologies with high quality. Spanning across industries, technologies, and focused services.

MNJ Software’s software testing primarily verifies correctness, completeness, security & quality. The MNJ Software testing approach begins with unit tests created by our developers that are later integrated into the regression tests. Our dedicated testers design test cases & suites, perform automated & manual tests as per the test suites, & document results appropriately. If desired by the ISV client, this group can be independent of the development group, & an appropriate combination of white box, black box & gray box testing may be specified. Testing may include load testing, performance testing & stress testing. The testing tools we use include Rational ClearCase multi-site, Mercury LoadRunner, WinRunner, Test Director, N-ANT, ANT, Microsoft Test Central & Quick Test Professional. MNJ Software can also help ISVs with acceptance testing & hardware sizing services for their customers.