Supply chain opportunities are usually a result of years or decades of “silo” thinking by departments and companies. As a consequence, capturing these opportunities involves broad understanding across multiple functions and across global supply chains, as well as widespread change management. MNJ Software has the experience and resources to assist you in this task.

We at MNJ Software believe that a good IT system should provide operational capabilities that create a distinct competitive advantage for the supply chain. Software investments in the supply chain start with improved visibility and transparency, and Service Oriented Architectures ensure that different technology choices by different partners do not stand in the way of sharing information. However, the best companies use MNJ Software’s supply chain solutions to go beyond visibility to analysis, intelligence and optimization. Using the right analytical and optimization tools, the entire supply chain can be aligned for increased value creation and reduction of waste.

MNJ Software lays great emphasis on the role of supply chain performance metrics in the implementation of SCM solutions. In pilots, MNJ Software’s metrics help quantitatively evaluate the benefits of different concepts and technologies. In rollouts, these metrics ensure proper implementation and, by demonstrating ROI, seed the way for further improvements.