finance product engineering isvs

MNJ Software has a strong track record of providing full life cycle product development services to software product companies in the finance domain. Some of the most well known personal and small business finance software products have contributions from our engineers and domain experts. MNJ Software provides significant advantages to all our ISV clients, namely superior hiring and retention, world class developer training and Projistcs – our collaborative project management tool. In addition, our experience in design and development of financial software makes us an ideal development partner for ISVs with products in the finance domain.

In MNJ Software, you will find a product engineering partner who:
  • Has expertise and understanding of the banking and finance areas
  • Has over a decade of experience in working collaboratively for product design, architecture, development or maintenance
  • Can provide best practices in software development tools and methodologies, including agile methods
  • Has engineering expertise in the latest open source and proprietary technologies