Manufacturing Resource Planning systems are intended to integrate all manufacturing and related applications including decision support, material requirements planning, accounting and distribution into a single enterprise wide application. They are often special cases of generic ERP systems that are somewhat tailored for manufacturing by providing support specific functions like inventory management and production scheduling. The value of commercially available MRP systems is often felt to be directly proportional to the time and cost spent in customizing these large and generic software systems. In a number of cases, especially for small and medium size manufacturing businesses, it is difficult to justify the effort and risk involved in purchasing a COTS product and then customize it  to fit  operational  practices.  In fact, it is often the case that companies are forced to change their operational practices from to non-optimal scenarios in order to accommodate systems with limited flexibility.

It is our belief that a manufacturing enterprise system is only effective if it is designed specifically for each implementation, due to the unique nature of each manufacturing operation. MNJ Software has provided alternative options for a number for a number of our clients, by developing fully custom enterprise systems that are designed for their operational methods, manufacturing processes and facilities. These systems effectively reach deep into the manufacturing operations using real time inventory data capture methods, quality management functions and efficiency monitoring tools. They provide a powerful alternative to commercially available MES or MRP systems by providing increased flexibility, integration options and ROI.