ruby on rails development

MNJ Software offers Ruby on Rails web development solutions. Our Ruby on Rails developers develop web 2.0 applications using Ruby on Rails web solutions. Our highly dedicated professionals provide sustainable solutions, quality service and support for this high-tech open source technology.

Ruby on Rails is an object oriented language with features similar to PERL, Python, Small talk and Lisp. It is an open source web development framework which can help in developing data-driven web applications. Ruby on Rails is easy to maintain and manage. It includes superior application development models such as DRY and Convention over configuration.

Our Ruby on Rails Content Management System services feature creating and editing via WYSWYG editor from web; easy customization of layout and style; category management with innumerable level of sub categories. Our expert Ruby on Rails developers can create systems customized to all your needs. Ruby on rails is loaded with great new features and innumerable fixes.  The key service areas are development, testing, database, source controls, etc.

We also give integrated support for most leading database like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Ruby on Rails developers can run on almost any web server. MNJ Software can also develop a rich web applications and e-commerce websites using Ruby on Rails.

Some of the main features of Ruby on Rails:
  • MVC architecture
  • Database Access Library
  • Libraries for common programming tasks like form validations, sessions’ management, etc.
  • AJAX Library
  • Convention over configuration
  • Customized OR Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Detailed error logs are provided