CakePHP is open source web application frame work meant for website creation. It provides architectural base in development of websites.  Designed on the concept of Ruby Rails, it follows the pattern of MVC (model-view-controller). The major advantage of this open source is it reduces the code repentance while creating website. Developed under MIT license, it is absolutely free.

MNJ Software always looks forward for new technology and keeps pace with the current requirements of online users.  We have strong hold on the PHP language and have successfully implemented several CakePHP projects.  We use CakePHP for rapid application development.

Key features of CakePHP are:

  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
  • MVC architecture
  • Code generation via Bake
  • Request dispatcher with custom URLs
  • Data sanitization
  • Security, session, and request handling components
  • Access control lists
  • Application scaffolding
  • Robust User Community
  • Integrated CRUD for database
  • Simplified querying
  • Website directory independent
  • In-built validation
  • Active Development of the Core Code

We have built automated email reminder system, secure employee field calendar, iPhone RSS Feed Aggregator, Content Management System, etc.  CakePHP has emerged as one of the most popular and interactive solutions for PHP