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* - Getting Started

Want your project off the ground today? Your design project can be auto scheduled to start in 2-4 working days!! Its as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Purchase your base Custom Web Design Package (You have the option to select Regular or Express delivery to Fast Track your project).
  2. Fill out our quick Web Design Questionnaire
  3. Follow up with an email to us with your payment Order ID and any additional design or programming requirements

Thats it, your project is ON! We will send you a confirmation of the order and project schedule along with a quote for any additions you requested.

Every client is precious to us! No matter how small or large your project is, our top executives will personally communicate with you from start to end, and give you valuable expert advice and guidance whenever called upon. Experience the MNJ Software Advantage today!


* - Payment Terms:

  • To start us on your custom web design project we need you to select the most suitable package below and make an advance payment of 50% (Regular Schedule and Delivery) - as low as $49.00 for our Web Presence Design Package.
  • Once a design is finalized for your website you will need to make the balance payment.
  • In case you need us to Fast Track your project please select the Express Schedule and Delivery (100% advance) option in the shopping cart.

* - Guidelines on Providing Content

The content for insertion should be provided in separate word documents (URL of pages can be specified for existing web sites) with not more than 2 photos for graphic editing per page. Pages exceeding the number of pages included with the package deal will cost $15 per extra page ($25 for pages with tabular data or extra long content pages). Our graphic designing rate of $20 per hour will be applicable for any extra design or photo editing work (like product catalogs, photo galleries, etc.). Please request for an approximate quote with your specifications if required. For this, please provide the number of total site pages and a couple of sample content documents which have the most content.

** - Site Branding Agreement
(Please note the following mandatory requirement)

Direct Clients: Let us help you bring to life your Dream Web-site! Being a very client centric firm, giving 100% satisfaction to every client - big or small, is of utmost importance to us. Our affordable pricing are attractive to many direct clients as they get the benefit of getting the best deals. We only require all web sites designed by us to carry the Designed by phrase with link or a small 22x11 mnjsoftware logo mnjsoftware icon logo with link on all the web pages. There is an additional cost of 15% on the total cost of the project for not displaying the smartwebby branding.
Branding Agreement Tenure:
Even after the project is completed and handed over, you are bound by this agreement to display our branding notice/logo, as long as the design (modified or unmodified) is in use.

Outsource Clients: Let us be your Web Design Back Office! International web developers and other companies who wish to outsource work to us will find us reliable and responsive, providing a consistent standard of work and comprehensive web solutions which guarantee their client's satisfaction. Don't miss the opportunity to provide your clients with top designs at very nominal rates.
Please Note: There is a 30% extra cost over our published charges (as they are discounted for direct clients). You get to brand the work developed by us as your own. If you prefer to co-brand the site along with us then there is only a 15% extra charge on the total cost of the project.