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MNJ Software provides flexible e-commerce web solutions to setup and run an online business with real-time credit card processing and secure online transactions. The solutions are engineered in a way to serve as your very own e-business strategist.

Until recently, websites were limited to providing potential customers with information about a company, and what products it had to offer. Visitors to the website could do little more than read this information online, then e-mail, fax or telephone the company to purchase the product via traditional means. E-Commerce enables a company to sell products and services entirely online. Having chosen a product they wish to purchase, a customer can then order and pay for it securely online. It is surprising to note that, according to surveys, the main reason people do not use the Internet for shopping is because of payment security. Yet, they will happily provide their credit card details to a stranger over the telephone!

MNJ Software e-commerce solutions do just that; ask your self "would it be great to sale stuff online, and make income?" Well at least give it a thought, we can offer these solutions to you whether you trying to sale merchandise out of a current business/company, or just some simple products you have to sell. With e-commerce designs from MNJ we will set down with you, and find out your pacific needs for this website.


Depending upon your ebusiness strategy, we develop for you e-commerce web solutions that suit your business best. We have years of experience as an ebusiness solution provider in developing successful e-commerce websites that include sites geared towards selling specific Products or Services, Dating sites, Auction sites, Social Networking sites, to name a few.

Our e-commerce web site designwould provide:

  • A 'Unified Storefront' that is a well-displayed showcase of products
  • A 'Shopping Cart System' where you place your selected products
  • A system that integrates your online data transactions and e commerce payment solutions with your existing accounting system
  • A fine-tuned Search option to locate just the kind of product you want
  • E-business Strategist
  • Auction Site
  • Dating Solutions
  • E-Commerce
  • Secure Internet systems
  • M-commerce through WAP

Our mission is to bring to our clients the benefits of cutting-edge technology and creating WAP websites is another significant step in that direction. Enabling your website to be accessible to mobile phones can greatly boost your M-commerce.

We are equipped to design WAP websites specifically for mobile phones:

  • You can have your WAP website designed as a value added service in your main website so that people can visit your website through their mobile phones.
  • We can create a WAP-only website for your products/services/business
Internet on mobile is among the most potential and happening technology revolutionizing networking throughout the globe. WAP sites are an emerging field and we suggest you be among the first ones to be there, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon!

All the new mobile phones which now come to the market are WAP and GPRS enabled. More people are now accessing the Internet on mobile and PDA's. And informative, social networking and ecommerce sites can really benefit from having wap websites.

MNJ Software offers you a complete package of services:
  • We begin by creating your WAP website. Our dedicated staff of programmers will ensure you start your way towards WAP success on a firm footing, whether or not you already have an existing website.
  • We will host your WAP website on our state-of-the-art servers to ensure it is accessible to all mobile users.
  • We will ensure your WAP website gets maximum promotion with our reliable and tested web marketing expertise. People must get to know about your WAP website or what is the purpose of having WAP sites after all?

What about traffic to my website? Well that's no problem that is where our SEO department falls into place, remember with seo we will get you a high ranking, so you can sell products online. E-commerce is a big money maker today especially if you are getting 1,000's of hits a week, our company have seen it done over, and over with today's websites.


Other Facts


Forrester Research predicts that by 2006, US online retail sales will total $269 billion, or 11% of US retail sales. Ecommerce is sweeping the globe - you need an ecommerce solution that works for you!


There are many organizations that are providing ecommerce solutions but does the solution match the problem?


E-business is thriving, but many ecommerce solutions providers are struggling because they don't understand that each organization has different needs and each organization's solution to its problems may be different. MNJ Software offers superior ecommerce solutions - designed to meet your needs!


MNJ Software is proud to offer its custom ecommerce solution software of choice. The online shop solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows us to build amazing online stores with a wealth of features for our clients.


Here are some of the features that our custom ecommerce solution will have:

  • Home Page
  • Other static pages of the website.
  • Logos and Banners
  • Search catalog for products or manufacturers
  • A very user friendly and search engine friendly “Shopping Cart”.
  • Product reviews by customers
  • E-mail notifications
  • Payment Gateway Integration(e.g. Paypal/Credit Card)
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • A very User Friendly “Admin” section.
  • Various report generation on the site.
  • Shipping gateway integration.

We also customize OSCommerce as per your needs.

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