e learning consulting services

We offer a range of e-learning consulting services that takes into account different learning styles and learning disabilities, while providing distance learning solutions to help you become strategic e-learning organization.

We begin by making a high-level analysis of your organization's e-learning readiness to give a clear idea of the ability and willingness of the employees to support the new learning strategy.

The analysis is done by:
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your organization in relation to the latest trends in the training industry
  • Establishing a formal content development process best suited for your product and focused on meeting the needs of the end user
  • Identifying immediate, high-impact and low-risk steps you can take to begin the process of a broader e-learning implementation
  • Developing and installing customized e-learning solutions to suit your requirements
  • Identifying your organisation's business needs and measuring the need through various indicators such as return on investment (RoI), productivity improvement, amount of cost savings and so on

Usability & Compatibility

We establish a formal content development process that is best suited for your product and focused on meeting the needs of the user.

We choose media types according to their relevance. For instance, we use video clips only if required, use animation wherever necessary to make for easy learning of a complex topic.

MNJ Software provide ample opportunities for the user to interact with the information. Buttons, hotspots (image maps and hyperlinks), controls, movable objects and data entry fields are designed to encourage intellectual interactions of the user with the training information.

We design e-learning solutions that respond to the user's abilities and needs. Say, if the user is finding a concept difficult to understand, the solution offers extra information or suggests alternative resources.

The solutions are designed to be compatible for all kinds of learners — be it those who need lots of visuals and graphic illustrations to understand concepts or those who prefer text and narration.

Rather than chalking out a predetermined path, our e-learning solutions enable the user to choose his/her own course to learn. He/she can begin and end wherever he/she wants and still be able to grasp the concept without difficulty.

We take care to avoid instructionally insignificant content. For example, since people read at different speeds, we try to avoid rapid display of information that disappears quickly.

We get our e-learning solutions tested by targeted users to spot gaps or ambiguities and fix bugs.

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