customer operations transformation

In a world of unprecedented business and market pressures, utility companies are constantly challenged to respond faster. Increase workforce productivity. Optimize assets. And grow revenue. The new agenda is about productivity, operational excellence and competitive differentiation. By focusing on enhancing the quality of customer care, you can simultaneously improve productivity and cost structures. MNJ Software has tools, technology and services to help.

Consolidation, deregulation, new technologies, competitive pressures and new customer service demands affect the Energy & Utilities industry on a daily basis. To maintain leadership, major Energy & Utility companies must differentiate themselves by proactively exceeding customer demands and lowering operational costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

Comprehensive suite of Energy and Utilities Solutions

MNJ Software's Industry Software solutions are customized to address the unique business requirements of the industry. We offer industry knowledge and proven domain expertise in key Banking, Finance, HealthCare, Insurance, Education, Manufacturing, Telecom, Automotive, Retail, BPO, Travel and Transportation, Energy & Utility areas including field services, customer information system/CRM, work force management, outage management, billing and tariff management, data acquisition, account management and many more.
Our service offerings include: