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See how MNJSuite compares to leading point packages, as well as other CRM and all-in-one business management services.

CRM & ERP Software Comparison Matrix MNJ Software
Netsuite SalesForce MS Dynamics

General Features / Technology & Pricing Considerations

Available as a Subscription based  service aka Software as a service (SaaS)

Basic only

Available as a licensed product you can install on your own network server - Ability to start On-Demand and transition to On-Premise if and when needed. *    

Database Technology

SQL Server



SQL Server


Front-end platform

Web (.NET)

Web (JAVA)

Web (JAVA)

Web (.NET)

Desktop or (Web for Basic ver.)

Manage Records by Custom Relationships & Sub-Relationships


Group Records into Hierarchical tiers (Parent Company, Subsidiary, etc..)

Contract time requirements Quarterly Yearly ? ? n/a
Fixed SaaS Pricing policy - Promises never to raise monthly subscription user prices or break our service into multiple core versions charging separately for each (limits on storage limit tiers, processing intensive features such as e-mail marketing, partner add-ons, and inflation adjustments non-withstanding). Yes 1 version, 1 price, with no hidden charges No - Multiple core versions (e.g. good, better, best), at multiple prices. n/a n/a
Monthly subscription cost per user for 25 seats $49 ~$150 $65 - $125

$49 - $59

Monthly subscription cost per user for 15 seats $49 ~$175 $65 - $125

$49 - $59

Monthly subscription cost per user for 10 seats $49 ~$200 $65 - $125

$49 - $59

Monthly subscription cost per user for 5 seats $49 ~$300 $65 - $125 $49 - $59 n/a
Setup, Implementation, & Training - Managing a typical business through software requires many steps beyond installing or turning on a service. There's UI customization , data migration, administrative and user training, and in some cases advanced integration and customization (a.k.a "Enhancements"). Prices vary depending on needs analysis. Prices vary depending on needs analysis. Accountants usually handle this - prices vary

On Premise per seat license option (If you want to host on your network - This does not apply to users that are interested in subscribing to the monthly service)

* $795 / user    no server license required



$599 + Server License (5 seat min)

not priced per user

Sales Force Automation

Account, Contact, and Opportunity Management

TRUE 360° view of Customer and Contacts ? ? ?  

Activity Management with Reminders (Tasks, Events, Calendar)


Pre-event auto-reminder to parties you're calling or meeting with


Create Action Item Templates for automating follow-up activities


See employee availability based on teams


Customizable Quote Generation with in-depth price management



Create Sales Orders / Invoices from Purchase Orders & Visa Versa


Business Process Automation (BPA) - Design and run automated sales processes for all your different types of sales opportunities. Set triggers that automate schedules of action items you can pre-assign to employees.

(scripting required)

(scripting required) (scripting required)  
Sales Opportunity Management  
Commissions Calculations (based on amounts paid)        

Real-time Sales related Alerts


Marketing Features

Campaign Management with ROI


Web to Lead Capture with Routing Rules


Email Broadcast with mail merge & group templates

Extra $$

Extra $$



Drip Campaigns & Auto-Responder - Create Email / Action item templates, schedule a series of "events" to profiled contacts (e.g. On day 1 mass mail group msgs, on 2 assign sales people that own those leads follow-up action items, etc..)


Marketing Budget Center


Web Analytics to see Lead & Customer activity on your web site

Web Analytics - Track where leads came from (e.g. Google search term, etc..), and what pages on your web site they visited on your web site.      

Online Survey Management with workflow automation


Customer Service & Support

Case Management


Online Case Capture


Knowledge Base


Email to Case


Email History for Cases


Add Billable / Non-billable Time & Expense from Cases to Invoices


Assign Contracts to Cases & show balances (time, incident, or days left)


Share Cases with Customers & Partners


Blog between employees and customers (via the portal) within a Case


Project & Fulfillment Management

Milestone & Stage based process creation with Stage Alerts

(with ability to pre-assign stages)


Add Billable Time & Expense from Projects to Invoices


Email History for Projects


Share Projects with Customers & Partners

Business Process Automation (BPA) - Design and run automated project processes for all your different types of projects. Set triggers that automate schedules of action items you can pre-assign to employees.        

Associate Sub-contractors & Partners with appropriate roles


Inventory,  Order Management, & Shipping

Support for all item types (Inventory-Item, Non-inventory Item, Service, Matrix Item, Kits, and Assemblies)      
Ability to drop-ship while creating an order.        
Create P.O. from Invoice and visa versa.      

Quantity On Hand, On Order, & On Allocation Levels


Price Management by Customer tier (e.g. Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor), Volume discount, and Temporary discount



Serialized Items (with unique attributes / description) Ability to search for deals based on Serial # of item purchased (Handy way of determining if a product is under warrantee)

Advanced Inventory version ($$)



Product Matrix Options / Accessories & Attributes - With unique price set for each unique attribute configuration.

Advanced Inventory version ($$)      
Item Assemblies - Assemble items into a collection of items that make up an item, then as inventory levels are changed for the assembly so is that of its child items. Advanced Inventory version ($$)      

Item Kits - Create kit templates made up of child items, then configure template from order entry. When sales is made, collection inventory is updated.

Advanced Inventory version ($$)


Multiple Warehouse Locations

Advanced Inventory version ($$)

Multiple level items (items that are themselves made up of items made up of other items, etc...with price roll-up for all items in the hierarchy). Advanced Inventory version ($$)     Enterprise

Item Images




Sales / Purchase Fulfillment & Back-Order Mgt - When a Sales Order is placed Biz instantly creates the shipping / fulfillment queue where you can create pick lists to pick, pack, and ship. If there's insufficient qty on hand you can invoice & ship a partial qty. Biz automatically places the remainder on back order (BO) creating a procurement queue (along with items that have reached the reorder point). When items within the purchase queue are ordered, they are are then listed within the receiving queue. As items are shipped and received Biz automatically adjusts your inventory across all warehouses.

>1 warehouse requires Advanced Inventory version ($$)

Shipping - Support for FedEx, USPS, and UPS (beta), including shipping option presentation (standard, over night, etc...) amount calculations from items selected, issuance of the tracking number, and creation of shipping labels, all neatly integrated into order management and invoicing.      
Asset Tracking by Customer & Contract ?      
RMAs - Returns Management with the ability to print checks to customers for amounts returned, and ability to realize financial impact in accounting. Issue credit memos, RMA documents (so your customer can affix to their return)     (Enterprise version)

Multiple Units of Measure


Employee Management (H.R.)

Time Sheet Entry (Billable & Non-billable time)


Set Salary and Commission Percentages (Owner, Assignee, Role based) where amounts paid against invoices calculate commission % due.



Leave request & approvals, with rules based accrued leave time balance calculations.


Employee Profile Center with Gross Payroll


E-Commerce & Order Entry

Built-In Shopping Cart (beta) - Product Shopping Cart Catalog with Product Matrix support, Temporary, Volume, & Relationship based pricing tiers which change dynamically, Show inventory levels, Set "Bill Me" options, show remaining credit / balance to customers, Price Rules, Custom Tax Settings, Multi-location selection, Drop-Ship.

  (Q3-09 - $49 or $99 per domain depending on number of products)

($300 per additional domain)

Customer Portal - Embed the customer portal into your E-Commerce front end. ?      
Multi-Site/Brand/Domain Capable (beta) - Create multiple carts each with it's own unique design, configuration of categories, products, and Brand. (limited to a single cart design)      
Design Themes, Skinning, & Template Support (beta) - Design your own, or simply pick from 3rd party supplied themes to make your shopping cart stand out, complete with custom navigation  (e.g. tree control, horizontal menu, vertical panel, etc...).      
Simple RESTful API to connect to your own E-Commerce / CM system - Use best of breed SEO enabled ecommerce technology providers such as OS Commerce, 3D Cart, Cularis, Zen Cart, Magento, and many others. Take advantage of the best the industry has to offer without having to compromise between functionality and dual database management by seamlessly flowing orders from front end to back using rich, dynamic web service API integration   Enterprise
Ultimate versions only
^Event Management & Reservation Module - Let users register for, book/reserve, and even pay for (using Bill me or credit card) events such as courses, trade shows, corporate meetings, meetings, seminars, banquets, auctions, etc.. ($$ additional cost)        
Rapid Sales Order Entry - Quick customer order entry & payment processing, with support for net billing terms. Can be customized to auto-create Invoice, Estimates, etc.. ?      

Messaging & Collaboration

Compose Emails Natively & Email Templates (with spell-check and full editing)      
Complete Outlook style email web client with calendaring        
Automatically capture Customer inbound/outbound email history.    
Create Project or Case from Email record        
Add scheduled calls and tasks to calendar      
Integrated web email client & calendar (similar to Outlook) that supports any IMAP based email server (e.g. MS Exchange, Gmailo,Yahoo, Imail, Xmail, etc..)        
View email inbox / sent items, and all email interaction between your customers / contacts and your employees right from the customer or contact record detail.
(Outlook plug-in required)

(Outlook plug-in required)

Document / Proposal Management, & Contract Management

Upload any document throughout the suite

Auto-Define Document Category Tree        
Set document approval workflow rules        
Assign Hours, Incidents, and/or Days to Contracts      
Track Assets within a Contract        
Proposal builder using MS Word or OO Word, with PDF conversion on the fly with ability to email right from Biz as attached PDF        
Expose contract details through Cases and Projects        

Financials & Accounting

General Ledger (GL), Customizable Chart of Accounts (COA), Journal

Ease of use (similar to QuickBooks)      
Accounts Receivables (AR) & Accounts Payables (AP)    
Budget / Cost Center    
Deferred Income / Revenue Recognition      
Fixed Assets (via COA)    
COGS (Based on Average Costing)    
Invoicing / Sales Orders & Purchase Orders    
Recurring transactions - Apply a schedule (e.g."1st of ea. month") against Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, or partial Invoices (e.g. If a Sales Order is 1,200 and you want to recur an invoice ea. month in the amt of 100 for 12 mo. - within the same sales order)     Partially
Scheduler for creating Recurring Transactions    
Bank Reconciliation    
Key financial reports - Balance Sheet & Profit Loss Statement (P&L)    
Set tax % or Integrate with Tax Calculation Web Service      
Bill creation - Create bills on the fly.          
Check Writer - Use your check template to print out checks for payments due.    
Budgeting with analysis of projected budget impact on bank balance (i.e. Cash Flow)        
**Multi-Company - If you're a multi-national, or simply a business with multiple logical business unites, stay tuned. Soon, you'll be able to run multiple entities with the ability to consolidate Accounting, do intra-company transactions, etc.. (Q1-10) One-World Version ($$      
^Multi-Currency - Create transactions in any number of currencies, with full support for offset gains and expenses due to currency fluxuations. Automatically update your currencies daily if you like. Combine with Multi-Company and seamlessly run your Multi-National from a single consolidated super-suite.

One-World Version ($$)



Report Dashboard dynamically tying back to custom built editable reports ?  
Custom Reporting Engine and Predefined Reports  


Customer User Access Permissions - Set groups, give rights to groups (which can include who can access what, and how), and users inherit those rights.  
Custom columns and filter defaults for initial lists (When you click the main tab such as contacts or accounts, each user can customize the columns and filters that display, not just for all lists but for each individual category of lists) ? ? ?  
Custom Field Wizard with various field types (Drop-down list box, Text box, Check box, Date control, Hyperlinks, Text area.)  
Custom Search Results Page by employee groups        
Custom Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Proposals      
Customize Tabs (add new tab, hide by group, re-label, change location)      
Customize Page Layout (Number of columns, labels, location on page)  
Integrate External Application via custom smart tabs (i.e. invoke contact or company ID in link)    
Custom report wizard with report scheduler integrated with customizable dashboard        
Customize Registration Forms (Surveys, E-commerce, Web Leads, etc..)  
Enable custom fields to appear based on relationship affiliation        
RESTful Web Service API - Integrate with best of breed front end systems. Also enables you to build your own custom web forms, which feed data (i.e customer/contact records, leads, etc...) back to the system for auto-updates, etc... Extra $$ Only with Enterprise / Ultimate versions ?
Multi-Lingual English only for now

Additional Features

Customer Portal - Exposes customer specific information to customers via secure and private login account for customers. Extra $$ Extra $$    
Share Documents, Invoices, and P.O.s with customers and partners    
*Ecosystem Management - Enable your partners, affiliates, and even franchisees the ability to run their business within a multi-company environment. **(Q1-10)        
**Multi-Company & Multi-Currency - (see Financials & Accounting section) One-World Version ($$)     (some versions)
Share Opportunities, Leads, Prospects & Accounts with partners    
Allow partners to share / create records with you    
Allow partners to make quarterly forecasts through the portal    
Assign stages within Projects to partners (e.g. sub-contractors)        
Link custom tabs to relevant content relative to group partner belongs to    
* MNJSuite does not charge extra for the Customer portal which is a self-service center that also lets you share related data such as projects, cases etc... with your customers, but we do charge for Partner Portal access, which essentially lets you manage sub-contractors, and other partners while sharing 3rd party records / data. All other companies shown here with these features charge for both.
*MNJSuite On-Premise requires a minimum of 25 users / **Minimum of 10 users / ^Minimum of 5 users

Requires a minimum of 25 users / **Minimum of 10 users / ^Minimum of 5 users
* Web services integration with Exchange 2007 is only for on-premise installations which require a minimum of 15 seats.