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IceWarp offers an integrated solution to all the communication and collaboration requirements for organizations, be it small businesses, enterprises, or multi-million user data centers. Available in both on premise and cloud deployments, IceWarp India incorporates the best-in-class features of communication, collaboration, security and mobility, on a scalable, secure and affordable platform. Founded in 1999, and gained attention because of cost to performance ratio, and currently IceWarp email server has presence in over 50 countries worldwide, with over 100 million users.

MNJ provides both SMBs & Enterprise solutions to its customers, and helps them adopt IceWarp messaging server and Collaboration solutions. Being a Premier Partner, MNJ will promote IceWarp sales in India for both Onsite and Cloud-based platforms. Clients working with MNJ Software can customise their messaging and collaboration requirements by pivoting its vast experience in hassle-free migration, implementation and support.

Features of IceWarp Email Server

IceWarp Mail Server

IceWarp’s messaging platform has a robust and scalable SMTP/IMAP/POP3 server capable of handling more than 1000 messages per minute in parallel outgoing queues. The IceWarp mail server has an integrated webmail, which incorporates server side archives of emails. All services include a secure transmission with SSL/TLS encryption, which enables various kinds of deployment such as mail relays and website integration to decentralized architectures and load-balanced platforms.

IceWarp Web Client

IceWarp WebClient centralizes all your data and communication be it email, chat or calls, providing a desktop-like usability from any browser or device. It is equipped with features such as instant messaging, file transfer, VoIP phone, and audio conferencing. IceWarp Web Client also allows you to manage contacts, calendars, tasks, files and journals, all under one unified interface, optimized for mobiles and tablets, and without switching between tabs.

IceWarp WebAdmin

WebAdmin is one convenient tool for basic server management, and uses responsive web design so pages fit their size to the used device (desktop, tablet, phone). Functionalities such as resetting an expired account, changing its limits or permissions, and managing client applications could be easily achieved. Its Dashboard utility provides an immediate information about the server activity such as number of emails sent and total storage utilised.

IceWarp WebMarket

WebMarket offers cloud services which could be integrated with on-premises deployment. Unlimited number of cloud instances could be created under one account and sorted to different groups. Additionally, once the account is created it is possible to add more services or centrally manage multiple instances and subscriptions. Real-time access to statistics and updates help effectively allocate the storage and server resources for the organisation’s benefits.

Sync & Client Access

IceWarp has licensed the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol to support native over-the-air synchronization of iPhone and Windows Mobile powered devices, without requiring any synchronisation plug-in, thus reducing deployment time and enabling new features, otherwise not available with the open SyncML protocol. Therefore, wireless synchronisation of email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to all mobile devices with the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync.

How IceWarp Email Server is better than MS Exchange ?

  • 1/4 TCO of MS Exchange
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Compatibility with alternative OS (Linux)
  • No need for MS SQL licensing
  • Hybrid Active Directory usage
  • Linear scalability of clusters without additional license fees
  • All data stored in standard formats with no proprietary index files such as PST files and Microsoft Exchange data files
  • Seamless backup

How IceWarp Email Server is better than Linux ?

  • No need for advanced technical knowledge
  • No special deployment requirements such as sendmail for SMTP, courier for IMAP services, clamav for Anti-Virus
  • Intuitive administration, troubleshooting via logs
  • Multi-platform – easily migrate between operating systems
  • Mobile synchronization, Exchange ActiveSync
  • Complete Groupware, easy sharing

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