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At MNJ Training, we envision a successful e-learning solution as a series of stages that any organization goes through when leveraging the power of e-learning to achieve its business goals. Our encompassing vision of e-learning covers every stage, providing a breadth and depth of solutions unequaled in the industry. But no matter what combination you choose, you get best-in-class capabilities, field-proven expertise, and a clear vision of how to succeed with e-learning.
MNJ Training has been creating valuable e-learning services for years. This experience, combined with our comprehensive approach to e-learning, represents a clear advantage to your organization.

Our umbrella of e-learning offerings - can meet your needs like no other provider:
  • We take a global approach
    We have e-learning experts, enabling us to provide the global coverage and local resources necessary for even the largest learning challenges. No matter how large or geographically distributed your company is, we have the resources necessary to provide a consistent solution.
  • We tap advanced learning technology
    We have in-depth knowledge of the advanced technologies that can make learning more cost-effective, flexible, and easy to deploy. When designing your solution, we leverage the best-in-class technologies for delivering e-learning. As a result, you can provide your organization with an exciting, comprehensive learning experience that takes full advantage of the latest technology developments.
  • Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs
    Our wide-ranging expertise and capabilities lets us create an advanced e-learning solution designed to fit in well with the way your company does business. We understand how to leverage the full power of technology, and we also have a real-world understanding of how organizations work. This powerful combination gives us a unique perspective and lets us create the best possible e-learning solution for you. Satisfied customers offer powerful proof of our ability to meet a wide range of needs.