employee performance

Maximize the productivity of your human capital. MNJ Software works with you to achieve continuous peak performance from your employees.

Achieving continuous peak performance from your employees can seem like a daunting task. MNJ Software helps clients increase employee effectiveness. Our experienced consultants can assess current situations, develop strategies for enhancement and aid in the deployment of performance improving initiatives. Our goal is to help you design programs which reward, increase focus, motivate and produce superior results for your business.
Strategies and Processes
Our employee Performance services include:
  • Incentive Plan Review
  • Comp Plan Design
  • Compensation Modeling and Automation
  • Change Management
Having trained thousands of business professionals, MNJ Software offers classroom, web based, and one-on-one training sessions for specific technologies, performance enhancing skills, and customized curriculum. Our curriculum covers:
  • Selling Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Principals of Persuasion
  • Customer Service
  • Account Management
  • Technology Training

Custom instructor-led training and video creation are available to match your specific needs.

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