small hospital managementsystem

Healthcare worldwide is constantly undergoing changes due to new research findings, new medical technologies and new business models. These challenges are further compounded by the fact that healthcare is an information intensive field. Data must be timely, accurate and reliable - it could make the difference between life and death.

has developed a Windows based Hospital Management which addresses the major functional requirement that suit small to large multi-speciality hospital.

MNJ SHMS offers a comprehensive and holistic solution covering the entire spectrum in healthcare space. Our solutions streamline, automate and optimize clinical, administrative and supply-chain functions of care providers to increase the efficiency of their operations, levels of control and decision-making capabilities resulting in improved quality of care.

MNJ SHMS provides advanced intelligence tools that empower management or decision makers to take informed, real-time, smart decisions to improve the quality of healthcare services. It supports workflows provides alerts and notifications, critical to manage business and clinical parameters.

The clinical system’s core is the electronic patient record which supports the continuum of care across all the functions and departments in a healthcare organization. The system processes diverse data such as patient information, billing, finance and accounting, human resource information, scheduling requests, pharmacy orders, medication management, general supplies, inventory control, and maintenance and order management, diagnostic reports related to laboratory, radiology, patient monitoring and decision support.

MNJ-SHMS is designed to meet all of the information needs within the healthcare organizations and the extended eco-system at state and national levels. MNJ offers an array of products and solutions that caters to the needs of both emerging and developed economies in meeting the requirements of small, mid-sized and large multi-site national hospitals.

The benefits of Information Technology can effectively address the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Information Technology solutions in healthcare help provide enhanced care to patients while conforming to present and emerging standards and regulations and ensuring seamless integration within the various departments of the hospital. It also has critical social relevance in providing accurate monitoring and compliance with best procedures and practices.

MNJ Software has a talent pool of professionals with healthcare domain, Information Technology and management expertise. We have healthcare customers with successful implementations in private and government hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centres.

Our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry enables us to analyse your business needs, assist you in re-engineering business processes and synergise your operations with IT solutions, to positively impact your Key Result Areas. We assure that MNJ-HMS brings robust features that give medical practices new levels of efficiency, integration and accountability.

MNJ Software credentials include:
  • Experience in Healthcare IT
  • In-depth understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare providers
  • Experience in implementing at running hospitals and new hospital sites
  • Process sophistication and well proven project management skills