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What is MNJ Registration?

A central location for user information that is applied throughout MNJ web sites for authentication and access to entitled content areas.


What are the benefits of having an MNJ Registration ID?

Your MNJ Registration ID is your single point of access to MNJ web applications. You need just one MNJ ID and one password to access any MNJ Registration based application. Additionally, your information is centralised so you can maintain it in a convenient and secure location. The benefits of having an MNJ Registration ID will increase over time as more applications migrate to MNJ Registration.


What are the rules for specifying an MNJ ID?

Your MNJ ID must have the format of a valid email address. It is uneditable and

  • must be no longer than 80 characters
  • must contain an '@' character that separates the user and domain values (example:
  • must be composed of at least two sub-domains separated by a '.' (example:
  • may contain numbers (0-9), upper and lower case letters (A-Z, a-z), hyphens (-), underscore (_) and full stops (.), !, #, $, %, &, ', +, /, =, ?, [, ], ^, `, {, |, } ~
  • cannot contain any spaces, backslash (\), colon (:), double-quote ("), semicolon (;), comma (,), less than (<) and the greater than (>) characters, parentheses("(", ")"), asterisks("*")
Why do I have to provide an email address as my MNJ ID?

Soon all registered users will have to have an email address as an MNJ ID so eventually the separate email address field will become obsolete. From now on, newly registering users must choose an email address as their MNJ ID. For now, they must still submit their email address contact information separately. Registered users can continue to edit this email contact information, while the original email assigned as their MNJ ID remains uneditable. It does not matter if the email in your MNJ ID and your email address fields do not match.


Why can't I edit my MNJ ID?

Your MNJ ID is the unique identifier for your MNJ profile, so as you update your password-protected information, it always remains constant. Even if you edit your email address, it won't affect the MNJ ID you assigned to your profile.


What if I can't sign in with my current MNJ ID?

If your MNJ ID is over 32 characters or contains an "@" symbol, it may not give you access to certain password-protected parts of This is a known, temporary condition, where a shorter, simpler MNJ ID is required to access those areas properly. If you haven't already created a secondary MNJ ID, return to the area where you had trouble signing in, and follow the 'Register' link from there to create one. Your subsequent attempts to sign in with this new MNJ ID should succeed. Your original MNJ ID and associated profile will be retained and will remain valid around


What are the rules for specifying an MNJ ID for those prompted to register again?
  • must be only single-byte characters
  • must be at least 3 characters long
  • must not be longer than 31 characters
  • cannot contain any spaces
  • can contain only numbers (0-9), upper and lower case letters (A-Z, a-z), hyphens (-), underscore (_), and full stops (.)
What are the rules for specifying a password?


  • must be only single-byte characters
  • are case sensitive. When you log on you will have to enter your password exactly as you enter it here
  • must be at least 8 characters long
  • must not be longer than 31 characters
  • cannot contain any spaces, and can contain only numbers (0-9), upper and lower case letters (A-Z, a-z), hyphens (-), underscore (_), full stops (.), and the @ character
  • cannot contain the MNJ ID
  • cannot contain the existing password, when changing password
  • In accordance with the different Privacy Act, will be expiring passwords for all users every 90 days beginning on Jan 01, 2007. To avoid interruption of your personalised experience, please change your password before the expiration dates. An email outlining detailed rules and instructions for password expiration will be sent to you seven days before your password is scheduled to expire.
How can I report a problem encountered while using the MNJ Registration functions?

You can report a problem by calling the help desk.


What should I do if I forget my MNJ ID/Security Question or password?

You may reset your password by using the "Forgot Password" option on the MNJ Registration Web site. If you need assistance regarding a forgotten MNJ ID and/or Forgotten security question, please contact the


How will MNJ use my personal information? How will MNJ assure privacy and security of my information?

We know that you are concerned about your privacy; so is MNJ. If you provide MNJ with information about yourself, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, or other personal data, we may add it to our records. From time to time you may receive information about our products, services, activities, or contacts for other business purposes, unless you specify that you do not wish to be contacted by selecting that option on the registration form. To learn more, you can read about MNJ's general Internet privacy practices. Our privacy practices are designed to provide a high level of protection for your personal data, all over the world.


Why register?

Your registration allows you to access your secure MNJ profile which can include your preferences, interests, personal information. You can also make these settings available from any workstation with your unique MNJ ID and password. Once you've registered, any preferences and interests you submit are automatically added to your registered profile


Update my personal info.

View, update or add to any personal contact details, job title or registration settings information, once you've registered and signed in.