The overriding theme at MNJ Software is the well-being of our employees. Our compensation structure is in the 90th percentile of the market across all positions in the organization. We believe in extending employee care above and beyond traditional compensation packages. We base rewards for each position on performance, potential, criticality and market value. In addition to base pay, we also offer deferred benefits such as a provident fund, gratuity and a pension plan.

Some additional employee benefits we offer include:


  • Performance Linked Bonus: Aims to link the performance of the organization with individual
  • The Employee Stock Option (ESOP): Allows employees to share in the organization’s success
  • Leave Policy: Enables employees to maintain a comfortable work/life balance
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage for all employees
  • Employee Referral Policy: Rewards existing employees for referring candidates for hire
  • Our Noida office (near New Delhi) provides many recreational facilities including indoor games, a gymnasium, library, meditation center and a cafeteria that provides wholesome and nutritious food.